As transactional attorneys, we know how important good contracts are for development work, IP licensing, hiring contractors, or providing consulting services.

Contracts are essential to most business relationships – and our contract lawyers know how to create a clear agreement to prevent disputes, limit liability, protect IP and save time and money. Clear contracts protect both parties to provide peace of mind so both sides can focus on achieving the goals of the agreement. 

plus sign  Contractor & Work For Hire Agreements

Creative businesses often hire outside help for projects, whether it’s a marketing pitch, a product design or a video game. Well-drafted contracts help limit disputes over work, payment, or who owns a contractor’s work, and make resolving issues cleaner, cheaper and easier when they do arise.

We help clients understand intellectual property law, scope of work, payment procedures, liability, and other independent contractor agreement elements.

plus sign  Service Agreements

Service agreements protect interests and ensure good business relationships in game development, consulting, creative content creation, design, and many other creative industries, whether it is for a single project or an extended business relationship.

We help clients draft service agreements to provide protection from common issues such as non-payment, scope creep, and delays in approvals. Following contract and agreement best practices saves money and headaches.

What People Are Saying


"Chris is great! He helped us negotiate a payment dispute with a large firm that cancelled the project and refused to pay for the last milestone completed. Not only did they wind up paying us, Chris figured out that they actually owed us more money than we had originally asked for. Since then, he has helped us many times in negotiating contracts and creating standard service agreements."

- Nik Mikros // Co-Founder, Bumblebear Games