Privacy law and regulations touch almost every aspect of online business whether you are a game developer, an online merchant, or a startup with promising social media technology. 

Even companies with the simplest online services or products should understand privacy issues and privacy law, and the need for a privacy policy. We assess privacy situations, offer best practices advice, and draft clear privacy policies, which reduce the risk of liability from breaches or government enforcement.

For clients dealing with government enforcement of privacy issues, we help respond quickly and advise how to bring the service or site into compliance. Privacy regulations such as COPPA are especially strict when it comes to the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from children under 13. For clients with games, services or sites targeted at children, we advise on how to comply with regulations and follow best practices.

What People Are Saying


"As an independent game studio, it has been great to be able to rely on Chris for tough questions that arise, from contract review to drafting our privacy policy. He approaches every problem that we throw at him knowledgeably and he is patient as he helps us navigate our challenges as a company."

- Kevin Porras // Co-Founder, Dreamsail Games