As avid gamers ourselves, we work closely with game developers and game industry professionals to navigate the legal issues of developing, publishing and licensing games. 

From tiny indie studios to developers with multiple teams, we cover every aspect of a game studio’s legal needs, such as contractor agreements, development and publishing agreements, licensing, infringement and cloning, privacy policy law, and EULAs.

plus sign  Contractor Agreements

Many game developers use contractors for coding, sound design, music, dialog, UI design, concept art, animation, or game assets.

We draft comprehensive and clear work for hire contractor agreements that ensure studio IP ownership and clarify scope and payment terms, whether they are simple hourly or milestone payments, or incentive revenue sharing.

plus sign  Game Development Agreements

Indie studios often do work for hire or partner with publishers or other funders to create in-house titles.

As a developer-focused technology law firm, we’ve helped dozens of clients navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of development for hire.. We help clients craft an optimal deal and a clear contract to protect against development risks such as scope creep, delayed approvals and payment disputes.

plus sign  Publishing/Marketing Agreements

Even indie game game developers and studios might choose to work with a publisher or marketing agency to increase the exposure of their games or to gain favorable access or placement on new platforms or consoles. Our experienced business attorneys use deep knowledge of game industry practices and nuances to draft and review deals for clients.

We provide marketing counsel to help developers understand publishing agreements and how to negotiate favorable publishing terms when working with a marketing or publishing firm.

plus sign  EULAs

End User License Agreements (EULAs) or Terms of Service (TOS) are required for software and video games. Features like multiplayer matchmaking, virtual goods and currency, user generated content and social media integration can carry serious liability risk and raise issues of IP ownership.

We provide technology counsel to identify key issues raised by a game's features, then help clients draft a comprehensive and effective EULA.

What People Are Saying


"Chris understands the needs of game developers, because he is embedded in the community. He makes it his business to stay informed of all legal issues relating to games and game development. Last but not least Chris is a mensch, and a delight to work with."

- Nik Mikros // Bumblebear Games