plus sign  IP Strategy Advice

We ensure clients have a broad, strategic view of their entire situation and understand the intellectual property rights at play. We’ll identify key intellectual property, protect it (through contracts, applications and enforcement), and exploit it (through IP licensing, publishing agreements, merchandising deals, and finished products and services).

plus sign  IP Licensing

Many creative businesses license their own work or create value from licensing existing technology, creative works, or other property. We can help negotiate and draft licensing agreements that set clear limits on the use of the licensed IP.

plus sign  Copyright Law

Copyright covers almost everything a creative company does. Code, written content, characters, animation, art assets,, photos, user interface design, sound, music and most creative content is protected by copyright law, giving powerful rights to owners.

  • Contracts are the first step in protecting copyright ownership.
  • Registering copyright provides clients with maximum protection and options for fighting infringement.
  • It’s important for clients to know their rights and how to enforce them during copyright disputes; we can help draft cease and desist letters, DMCA takedowns, and take other appropriate actions.
plus sign  Trademark

Trademark law is crucial when building a company’s brand – it protects product names, logos and tag lines. As trademark attorneys, we know this requires forethought and careful management to ensure that rights are gained and protected.

We provide trademark strategy for new businesses and help apply for federal trademark registration. If you already have a trademark, we can help monitor and grow your rights, assess trademark risk and provide enforcement action such as cease and desist letters and negotiation to enforce rights.